Data Science for Industry and Physics

The DSIP (Data Science for Industry and Physics) Research Unit of FBK focuses on applying Data Science methodologies and approaches for the development of machine learning based predictive models from heterogeneous data.

DSIP is actively collaborating with industrial partners and research organizations.

In the industrial sector, DSIP is involved in projects ranging from machine learning applied to digital agriculture to time series analysis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, and for industrial process forecast and control.

As for applications in physics, DSIP is developing Deep Learning solutions for the data analysis of High Energy Physics experiments, in the ATLAS collaboration @CERN and for Space Physics within the CSES-LIMADOU mission.


Predictive Maintenance
Condition Monitoring
Time Series Forecasting
Digital Agriculture

Machine Learning for:
{High Energy, Space, Quantum}


Email: marco.cristoforetti@fbk.eu

Twitter: @FBK_DSIP

Tel.: +39 0461 314 553